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Personal Insurance

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Blue Horizon Insurance & Financial Services Wenatchee offers you protection through our personal insurance policies. As a brokerage, we will shop our top rated carriers to match you with a Washington Homeowners Insurance and Washington Car Insurance plan that fits both your lifestyle and wallet. We also can taylor a Life insurance policy to meet your needs. Whether its to protect your family by making sure your home is paid off or you’re childrens education is taken care of. Ask us about A Term Life Insurance policy, or if a Whole Life Insurance policy is best for you. Our goal is to build a relationship with our clients, so we strive to earn your respect as a trusted advisor.

Blue Horizon Insurance & Financial Services is a Wenatchee Washington insurance agency with offices in Washington State, Serving clients in all of Washington State. From Wenatchee to Kennewick, Bellingham to Bellevue, insurance satisfaction is our priority. Give our experienced agents a call today at 509-293-7500, or simply click the quote request button on this page, to learn more about how we can service your Washington insurance needs.

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As your Independent Agent in Washington State Wenatchee I work with many top insurance carriers to find you the best rate and product. Whether you’re in your retirement years or just starting out I have the best product and price for you! Our insurance agents quote many low prices and coverage options such as Full Coverage insurance, Comprehensive Coverage, Collision Coverage, or just Liability insurance depending on your needs.

Browse our online list of insurance products and carriers we work with, then give us a call or click for an instant quote for auto and home insurance.

Remember we are your independent agent so we can find the best price and insurance product for you, We will find you the lowest priced insurance coverage for your needs often with better coverage and benefits then you have now.

I am happy to say We are an “AARP Authorized Agency” for the AARP auto insurance program from The Hartford!

Choosing The Best Personal Insurance Washington Services

Nothing in life is granted. We do not know what is in store for us and this is why you should make it a point to look out for some of the best insurance policies which can turn out to be handy. As far as personal insurance Washington is concerned, we, at Blue Horizon have been offering you the best policies.

We believe that an insurance policy needs to be transparent as people should have a clear idea of what they end up paying and the amount of risks that will be covered. If you have any doubts regarding the policy details, our staffs are more than willing to help you out.

So, if you want to curtail the kind of risks which we have in our life and you want to keep a risk cover, choosing the best personal insurance Washington policies seem to be a good idea. When you are availing our services, we will make sure to guide you in every step.

Our main goal is to offer the best services to our clients which will ensure that they will be satisfied by what they have to offer. Choosing an insurance policy is a task that needs time. You should understand the kind of risks which are covered, the term benefits, the amount of risk coverage which you are getting and finally the premium which you will be paying as well.

We aim at making the whole process hassle-free as we sort out the details and list every single thing clearly for you. With our insurance policies, we will help you live your life without the constant worry of what would happen, if things fall apart. There are plenty of other insurance policies too which you can avail and feel free to ask us the details. We will help you out in the most befitting manner and get you an apt insurance cover.

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