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Event Insurance

Special Events Insurance Washington

This Protector Plan for Events, provides coverage that goes beyond weddings and delivers specific coverages for private special events including parties for anniversaries, birthdays, sweet sixteen celebrations, baby showers, holiday parties, retirements and many others.


The Special Events policy provides several different types of coverage and coverage enhancements for your special day. There is also the option to add liability insurance which includes an option to add liquor liability. Consumers planning special events can now purchase this no-deductible Protector Plan for Events Through our agency Blue Horizon Insurance & Financial Services starting at $160.

We provide insurance in Washington for special events, these events include anniversary parties, birthday parties, baby showers, sweet sixteen celebrations, retirement parties, holiday parties and many other special events. This insurance plan covers all celebrations and the policy can cover many issues, which can result a loss to the event organisers.


The special event policy provided by us can be beneficial for the policyholders in many situations. These situations may be random for the organizer, but can be a reason of loss of a big amount. Like if the event organizer book the venue for any event and on the day of the event, due to some reason the event get cancelled, then in such situation this policy can be helpful to the organizer. The policy can be helpful in following critical situations:


  • The event does not organize:
  • If the event for which the venue is booked is postponed or cancelled, then for some specified reasons the event organizer can claim the booking amount, e.g. if due to some unavoidable reason, the organizer has to cancel the event, then the organizer can ask for refund.

  • The gift and video or photograph lost:
  • The policy holder can claim the organizer, if his gift gets damage or in any case if the video, covering the event lost or damaged, then through the policy the event organizer can claim for the loss. In that case the holder can claim for reimbursement of the loss.

  • Liquor Liability:
  • It is an optional coverage and it covers the loss occurred, due to any alcohol related mis happening during the event. For the situation like, when in any event, if due to any intoxicated guest, some issue arises in the event, then you can claim for that.


    We can say that, the event insurance policy in Washington can cover many such small issues due to which the event organizer can be in loss.