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Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance Washington

Wedding insurance can be the start of a beautiful relationship.

Before there is a need for homeowners, auto, or life insurance, there is often a wedding. And now, you can protect your wedding with the Wedding Protector Plan® from Travelers. This can be your early entree to a lifelong customer relationship.


A wedding is a huge event, which involves a celebration at a large scale and that is why the chances of mis happening and misfortune are high. The wedding insurance policies in Washington are relatively inexpensive, the costs of a wedding policy costs between $125 – $500.


The average cost of the wedding event in US is around $27,000, so it becomes necessary to insure this event. Though you may get many options for policies of various costs, but the policy, which we provide is generally a well planned, covering all critical issues. The insurance policies cover all major issues, listed below:


Climate change: If the wedding is postponed due to rain or other unfavorable weather condition, then our policy cover the cost occurred in rescheduling the wedding event.

Absence of any Vendor: If any of the vendors, like florist, photographer or other do not appear on the day of the event, then our policy covers the cost occurred for rearrangement of the vendor.

Any uninsured venue: If the venue of the event does not have insurance and any mishap occurs at the venue, then your wedding policy can pay you the loss occurred due to the mishap.

Liability: If your venue is somewhere outside, then it is most likely that your site has the liability insurance, but if you are going to celebrate the wedding event at your home, then you must have the liability insurance. By paying some extra small amount, the policy buyer can have liquor liability as well. The liability insurance protects if any of the guest hurt the venue, or someone else.

The wedding insurance in Washington can be bought through our website for the event. Since it has all of the basic necessary clauses, so the buyer can be benefited a lot. So to protect your event buying a policy for it can be a good idea, before organizing the event.

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