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Nation General Insurance

Nation General Insurance Provider

About Nation General Insurance Personal Lines Group

Nation General Insurance Personal Lines Group is one of the largest automobile insurers in the United States. Nation General Insurance Personal Lines Group offers property and casualty products, including personal auto, RV, motorcycle, commercial auto and more. With a nationwide network of claims professionals and a 24-hour, toll-free claims hotline available 365 days a year, Nation General Insurance provides superior claims service for its customers.

Auto Insurance

At Nation General Insurance, we believe there’s more to auto insurance than just coverage and claims. We start with ensuring a positive customer experience. Our knowledgeable and professional independent agents and brokers who write with us are trained in designing custom policies that work best for our policyholders, their families, and the vehicles they drive.

We’re grounded in more than 60 years of experience in the automotive industry and we take pride in the insurance products and services that we offer. When a customer has a claim, we’ll handle it quickly, professionally, and as gently as we can. And, when you’re generating a new policy, we want the process to be as intuitive, smooth, and as simple as possible.

Affordable rates, consistent service, easy-to-use systems, and delivering on our claims promise provides complete customer satisfaction at a time when our customers depend on us the most.

RV Coverage from Nation General Insurance

Nation General Insurance offers RV insurance that provides full-featured protection, so your can hit the open road with their families – without any reservations.

We take pride in giving you specialized RV insurance coverage that ordinary auto insurance doesn’t provide. We understand the RV lifestyle. That’s why we’ve designed features and benefits that offer security, flexibility, and affordability including Optional Full Replacement Cost Coverage1 and our unique Storage Option. And, if you need to make a claim, we have an exceptional and knowledgeable RV claims staff to ensure your complete satisfaction,

We think it’s smart to deliver value and service that go far beyond the basics, because RVs deserve special attention – and, so do the people who drive them.

1 Must initially be purchased within five years of model year. Coverage limited to original purchase price after fifth model year.

Eligibility, benefits, discounts and coverages may vary.

Underwritten by these member companies of Nation General Insurance Personal Lines (Integon National Group), Winston-Salem, NC: Integon Indemnity Corp., Integon General Ins. Corp., New South Ins. Co., Integon Preferred Ins. Co., Integon National Ins. Co. and Integon Casualty Ins. Co.

Underwritten in TX by Home State County Mutual Ins. Co., administered by Integon National Ins. Co. Underwritten in WA by Integon Indemnity Corp., Integon Preferred Ins. Co., and New South Ins. Co.

Customer Service Billing

The Nation General Insurance Products we offer include:

Auto Insurance
Home Insurance

Special discounts for:
Chase employees
Moose lodge
Rual Paper carriers
Teamsters Union
GM family members
GM car owners
GM credit holders