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What is full coverage auto insurance?

Date : June 15th, 2015

Posted By : admin

Full Coverage Auto Insurance

I’m often asked what full coverage is. Or told I have a loan so I have to have full coverage insurance but often people don’t know what it is, so let me tell you. The truth is there is no such thing as full coverage insurance. It’s a made up term to help customers it covers more than just the damage you cause to someone else but it also protects your car.
When we say full coverage we are really just talking about your comprehensive and your collision deductibles. So the question is then what do they cover? Well you collision deductible will cover the value of your vehicle minus your deductible if you cause a collision. For example if your car is worth 5000.00 and you have a 500.00 deductible we would pay to repair it or pay up to 4500.00 to replace it whichever is less. Your comprehensive deductible also known as “other than collision” would pay for insured damage to your vehicle if it were not in a collision minus the deductible. For example, the garage burns down, a tree falls on it in a wind storm, its vandalized.

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